Elect Scott Coleman for Texas

House District 67

We deserve better than the status quo in Texas. For too long, the Texas legislature, mostly under Texas Republicans, has ignored what Texas needs the most: the best education system in the nation, laws that look forward to a successful future economy, and equal treatment of all Texas residents, regardless of national origin, race, creed, sexual orientation, or religion. 

"As the Representative from House District 67, I will fight to restore every cent that is due to public education. I will end the destructive lawsuits and side with the school districts to fully fund Texas school districts. I will support the right of any Texan to live a productive life in today's economy. And I will work with other legislators to make sure no one goes bankrupt because they get sick."

How can you help?

Citizens of House District 67 in Collin County can make the biggest difference by showing up to vote at the ballot box. You can make a real difference in your community by contacting the campaign and letting Scott know that you support his vision for a strong Texas future. 

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We have a unique opportunity today in Texas to create a better Texas that works for everyone- not just the powerful in Austin."


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